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Since the year 2000, writer and producer Jack Cashill has had ten books published under his own name and eight in collaboration with others, several of those nationally known figures.

Jack is a willing and able public speaker, media coach and speechwriter. To verify, please see any of the seven presentations he has done for C-SPAN’s Book TV. They are all accessible online .

In the last twenty years Jack has written and produced a score of documentaries for cable networks and PBS stations, most recently, No Shortcuts: The Entrepreneurial Life of Henry Bloch.

Before moving into non-fiction and documentary production, Jack worked full time in advertising, a field for which he still has a fondness. He has created thousands of ads in every conceivable media, many of them political.

Jack retains an interest in challenging communications, writing, and marketing projects that have to be done at a very high level. He always makes his deadlines.

For non-profit causes close to his heart, Jack offers deep discounts. Samples upon request.

Contact: jcashill@aol.com